2019 in Review: Home South DeKalb

Home South DeKalb is a three-year initiative to lift homeownership rates, restore family wealth, increase neighborhood stability, and improve resident health and wellness outcomes in South DeKalb. With the initiative, ANDP will invest $20 million of its existing and new capital to improve areas hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis, especially those neighborhoods impacted by the lingering effects of negative equity.


2019 Home South DeKalb Results

  • Execute the Home South DeKalb Initiative to lift homeownership and improve quality of life for residents of South DeKalb

    • 2019 Results:

      • Collaborated frequently with our lead partner, DeKalb County Government

      • Hired James Cromartie to lead ​Home South DeKalb 

      • Assembled and convened a 60+ person Advisory Council


  • 100 newly redeveloped single-family homes, with a focus on homeownership;

    • 2019 Results (As of December 1, 2019):

      • 35 Homes acquired

      • 28 Homes Renovated 

      • 6 Homes in Renovation

      • 16 Homes Sold

      • 13 Homes Currently Available (www.andphomes.org)

      • Additional Acquisitions Forthcoming

  • Increased focus on long-term sustainability and affordability of the home through enhanced green and healthy rehabilitation standards; 

    • 2019 Results: ​

      • ANDP has consulted with Southface, the Southeast's leading proponent of sustainable development, on its renovation standards.

      • We are conducting energy audits on homes renovated with our green and health sustainability rehab scope, homes renovated with enhanced recommendations from an energy auditor, and homes renovated to EarthCraft Renovation certification standards. 

      • Of the homes receiving energy audits, we have documented a 16.4% decrease in average gas usage, and 23% degrees in electricity consumption. Aside from the substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, this also equates to a 22% reduction in utility costs for the average homeowner.

  • Increased lending from the ANDP Loan Fund to developers of affordable housing;

    • 2019 Results:

      • On October 30, 2019, ANDP hosted a "Community Development Capital Conversation" with more than 50 DeKalb County stakeholders interested in learning more about capital for affordable housing, community development, and small business development. 

  • Access to down payment assistance from sources managed by ANDP;

    • 2019 Results:

      • As a part of the NeighborhoodLIFT program offered by Wells Fargo and NeighborWorks America, ANDP and its partner NeighborWorks Columbus worked to connect 79 low and moderate-income  South DeKalb Homebuyers to a total of $1.2 million in down payment assistance - an average of $15,284 per homebuyer.

      • ANDP has provided or connected its own South DeKalb homebuyers with an additional ​​$79,900 in homebuyer assistance, an average of $6,500. 

      • We launched a special homebuyer assistance offer to DeKalb County public safety, military personnel, nurses and teachers. Qualifying participants can receive up to $7,500 in homebuyer assistance.

      • We are working to identify new sources of down payment assistance

  • Enhanced community engagement efforts for neighborhood leaders,

    • 2019 Results

      • In June 2019, ANDP moved it's 5th Annual "Neighbors Together" neighborhood leadership training event to South DeKalb. More than 100 formal and informal neighborhood leaders attended the event. The focus of the event was connecting tomorrow's emerging neighborhood leaders with current leaders nearing retirement. 

      • ANDP's Neighbors Together team includes three representatives of South DeKalb communities.

  • A commitment to collaborate with housing, community, and governmental entities and a broader network of health, educational and other partners to improve health, equity and economic outcomes in South DeKalb.

    • 2019 Results​

      • With our lead partner, DeKalb County Government, we crafted a South DeKalb Neighborhood Resource Guide that acts both as a guide to prospective homebuyers, but also an overview of county programs and services that can improve quality of life for residents.

      • ANDP launched a sub-initiative, Healthy Neighborhoods, in partnership with the YMCA to provide our South DeKalb homebuyers with a year of free membership to their local YMCA.

      • In August, ANDP partnered with the Urban Institute, National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) and NeighborWorks America to host a half-day Summit to promote affordable homeownership as an important wealth creation strategy for lower-income African American families.  The summit was attended by over 200 participants and DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond served as a keynote speaker for the event.

We look forward to continuing work with our partners at DeKalb County Government, our Home South DeKalb Advisory Council and many other stakeholders to further the goals of this initiative.

Questions? Contact James Cromartie at 404-420-1597 or jcromartie@andpi.org



HSD Adv Council Meeting 5-21-19sm.jpg

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