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DeKalb CEO, Commissioners join ANDP to announce $20M, three-year, 100 healthy-home investment

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July 2018


Home South DeKalb is a three-year initiative to lift homeownership rates, restore family wealth, increase neighborhood stability, and improve resident health and wellness outcomes in South DeKalb. With the initiative, ANDP will invest $20 million of its existing and new capital to improve areas hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis, especially those neighborhoods impacted by the lingering effects of negative equity.


More than 10 years after the start of the foreclosure crisis, metro Atlanta families and neighborhoods continue to struggle with the aftermath of underwater home values and disinvestment. South DeKalb lost more than 18,000 homeowners during the crisis and nearly one in three of its homeowners owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth.


“We are excited to launch this holistic housing initiative in South DeKalb. ANDP has partnered with DeKalb County on housing issues for much of its 27-year history. Since the onset of the foreclosure crisis, we’ve partnered to impact more than 200 DeKalb single-family homes. We’re mobilizing to increase our scale in South DeKalb to maximize our impact on families and communities,” said John O’Callaghan, ANDP president and CEO.


At the completion of the three-year effort (ending December 2021), the Home South DeKalb initiative will result in:


  • 100 newly redeveloped single-family homes (with a focus on homeownership);

  • Increased focus on long-term sustainability and affordability of the home through enhanced green and healthy rehabilitation standards; 

  • Increased lending from the ANDP Loan Fund to developers of affordable housing,

  • Access to down payment assistance from sources managed by ANDP, 

  • Enhanced community engagement efforts for neighborhood leaders, and

  • A commitment to collaborate with housing, community, and governmental entities and a broader network of health, educational and other partners to improve health, equity and economic outcomes in South DeKalb.


“The Home South DeKalb initiative complements the county’s renewed commitment to eradicating blight, improving affordable housing opportunities and enhancing quality life for all DeKalb County residents,” said DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond.,” said DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond.


“ANDP takes seriously the word ‘partnership’ in its name. It is only with combined efforts of partners like DeKalb County, NeighborWorks America and our other funding partners that we can make an impact in our communities. Our partnership with DeKalb County’s Community Development Department has improved our development capacity. We’ve grown from a pilot project of six homes starting in 2008 to become metro Atlanta’s largest producer of quality rehabbed homes for sale to low- and moderate-income families,” said O’Callaghan. “We look forward to continuing to serve DeKalb County and its residents.”


Home South DeKalb

Home South DeKalb is a $20M, three-year initiative (2019-2021) aimed at improving South DeKalb neighborhoods impacted by the foreclosure crisis and lingering homeowner negative equity. The initiative will result in at least 100 homes renovated to ANDP's green and healthy standards, increased development capital for developers of affordable housing, leadership development opportunities for neighborhood leaders, and increased collaboration with partners to improve health, equity and economic outcomes in South DeKalb. 


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South DeKalb Neighborhood Resource Guide
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Home South DeKalb FAQs

I'm interested in buying a home in South DeKalb. What are my next steps?

As we acquire and renovate the South DeKalb homes, they will be listed for sale at www.andphomes.org/search, under our "Partner Homes" category. As the homes are priced, your Realtor will find the homes also listed on FMLS. Interested buyers should have a total household income at or below 120% of Area Median Income. See the Maximum Household Income table at www.andphomes.org/programs. Homebuyers are required to take a Homebuyer Education Class from a HUD-approved housing counseling agency. Details at www.andphomes.org/homebuyer. Homebuyers are also required to purchase the home using an approved ANDP lender. See the full list of lenders at www.andphomes.org/financing.

I'm a developer of affordable housing and I'm interested in capital for my project in South DeKalb.

The ANDP Loan Fund provides capital for development of affordable housing and community facilities. Loan products for qualifying projects include: Predevelopment: Funds to support project planning, soft costs, and predevelopment activities to determine project feasibility. Acquisition: Funds to acquire real property to create or stabilize low- to moderate-income rental or for-sale housing. Construction: Funds for new construction or rehabilitation. Bridge: Funds to provide gap/bridge financing with short-term capital. Lines of credit for the above purposes. To learn more and inquire, visit www.andpi.org/loanfund

I'm a community leader or concerned citizen and I would like to participate in leadership development training.

ANDP's "Neighbors Together" initiative provides training for neighborhood leaders (formal leaders and informal leaders). As a part of the Home South DeKalb initiative, we plan to work closely with South DeKalb residents on issues impacting their neighborhoods. To inquire about participating in "Neighbors Together - South DeKalb," please send an email to Susan Adams at sadams@andpi.org