Our Work

The mission of ANDP is to develop, finance and advocate for affordable housing at scale that promotes racial equity and healthy communities where families thrive.

Housing Development – ANDP has been partnering in the preservation and development of affordable housing since 1991. Our current housing development focus is responding to the foreclosure crisis in metro Atlanta neighborhoods. Our foreclosure redevelopment activity has resulted in the acquisition, rehabilitation and sale of nearly 500 homes in 25 metro counties. In 2013, we launched an affordable housing program for Metro Atlanta’s veterans. To date, we've served more than 100 veterans with affordable housing options. MORE


Development Capital  – The ANDP Loan Fund provides capital for community redevelopment in the form of acquisition, predevelopment, construction and bridge loans. Our current funding priorities are foreclosure redevelopment and neighborhood stabilization. Since its inception in 1991, ANDP loans have supported the creation of 5,302 units of mixed income and affordable housing. In 2014, ANDP formed a strategic relationship with one of the nation’s leading CDFIs, The Reinvestment Fund, to strengthen its core operations and prepare for future growth. MORE

Policy Advocacy & Community Engagement – ANDP has a long history of leadership in affordable housing policy. Our previous advocacy efforts have included policy on local, state and national levels. At the onset of the foreclosure crisis, we led the fight to increase Homestead Exemption rates in the City of Atlanta and Fulton County. Our tax policy work save lower-income families in Atlanta/Fulton $36.2 million annually.Our more recent work has  centered on the lingering impact of the housing crisis - underwater neighborhoods. In response to homeowner negative equity concerns, and to build upon our foreclosure redevelopment efforts, we are working with underserved communities. With support of NeighborWorks America, we've trained more than 300 neighborhood leaders on public safety, code enforcement, neighborhood branding and more. MORE