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Opportunity in the Marketplace

In the next five years, ANDP will invest more than $50 million into Black-owned residential contractors, subcontractors, and vendors in the form of partnership investments, direct contracts, and low-cost loans.

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“Working with ANDP we know one thing for sure - get the project right and we will be taken care of. This trust is crucial in the residential construction business. The more trust we have in a relationship, the more efficient we work.”   

- Van Hardimon, Van Hardimon Construction, ANDP Single-Family development partner

Addressing Atlanta's Equity Crisis:
Building Wealth & Economic Opportunity

Why it Matters:  Read why ANDP works to create economic opportunities for small, locally owned Black businesses in the affordable housing sector. Learn More.

THE PROBLEM: Atlanta ranks first in economic inequality and nearly last in upward mobility in America. 

The typical Black household currently has less than a quarter (23.3%) of the wealth of a typical white household, down from more than a third (34.6%) before the Great Recession. Almost 40% (38.4%, or $1.18 trillion) of the $3 trillion wealth gap is attributable to homeownership rates and home values. 

WHY IT MATTERS: Centuries of systemic racism in America’s homeownership delivery system, including the development of our modern mortgage finance system, have led to deep racial disparities in homeownership rates, economic opportunity, and historical gaps in wealth. 

Black and minority families are disproportionately affected by the affordable housing shortage due to a history of institutionalized racism. From unequal access to funds for Black veterans under the G.I. bill to decades of redlining and unfair lending practices, it is difficult to find a more systemic form of racism than in the housing sector. Despite efforts to outlaw housing discrimination, a vast divide remains between the rate of white homeownership (75%) and the rate of Black homeownership (44%). 

This homeownership gap is a leading source of the wealth gap. Nationwide, Black-owned homes are typically worth about 18% less than white-owned homes. If the typical Black-owned home were worth the same as the typical white-owned home, Black wealth would more than double (from $930 billion to $2.1 trillion). Research by the Brookings Institution finds, “Most people start their firms using their personal wealth – most often, the equity in their home.” This direct link between homeownership rates, home values, and economic opportunities for Black families demonstrates the importance of investing in affordable homeownership and Black-owned businesses engaged in affordable housing - contractors, construction partners, property managers, and more. 

SOLUTIONS: To create economic opportunity and equity in the marketplace while building critically needed housing supply to bridge metro Atlanta’s homeownership and wealth gaps, ANDP is investing $50M in Black-owned small businesses.

ANDP’s vision for racial equity motivates and informs every phase of its work: in its development, policy, and lending capacities; the geographic focus of neighborhoods served; the selection of contractors and partners; and the makeup of its staff and Board of Directors. Through its campaign to create and preserve 2,000 units of affordable housing by 2025, ANDP estimates it will be able to invest more than $50 million into Black-owned residential contractors, subcontractors, and vendors in the form of partnership investments, direct contracts, and low-cost loans.


OUR IMPACTWith an intentional focus on working with locally-based, Black-owned businesses, ANDP has grown its scale in producing homeownership opportunities while growing Black-owned companies in the process. 


Prioritizing Black-owned businesses - ANDP’s work is having a lasting impact on the capacity and longevity of locally-based, Black-owned businesses. Through partnership investments, direct contracts, and low-cost loans, ANDP is investing tens of millions in local businesses. Currently, 50% of ANDP’s contractors and construction partners are Black-owned.

Developing 100 homes annually - In the last five years, ANDP has doubled its production to 100 homes annually. Since 2009, we have developed 700+ single-family homes, creating much-needed homeownership and single-family rental options.

Building Small Business Scale - Since partnering with ANDP, two developers have been able to add staff and significantly expand their company; another has reported a 35% increase in revenue.

Increasing down payment assistance - Rising rents and stagnant wages make saving for a down payment on a home a challenge. ANDP has deployed DPA to nearly 1,000 homebuyers in the last decade. 

Building Black wealth through homeownership - A study of ANDP homebuyers, 76% of whom are from households of color, demonstrates a five-year wealth gain of nearly $89,000 in homeowner equity. Approximately 93% of ANDP homebuyers are still in their homes. This longevity comes with a host of benefits to the family and the greater community, including increased civic participation, better educational outcomes for children, better health outcomes tied to quality housing conditions, and generational wealth.

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