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O’Callaghan works to ease urban housing affordability crisis

Like other American cities, Atlanta is enjoying the windfall of urbanization: more people, more jobs, and more investment coming back into the urban core.

And, like those cities, Atlanta is experiencing an emerging challenge stemming from that influx of population and wealth.

“Atlanta has an affordability crisis,” said John O’Callaghan, president and CEO of Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership Inc. (ANDP).

In Atlanta Business Chronicle’s effort to highlight the most important voices amid the ongoing wave of urbanization, few will be more prevalent than advocates for more affordable housing.

O’Callaghan’s voice will be one of the loudest — and most experienced.

An Atlanta native, O’Callaghan has spent years at the intersection of government, politics and the housing market, serving as public affairs director with Fannie Mae, and as a former assistant to Mayor Maynard Jackson.

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