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Why it Matters:  Read why the ANDP Loan Fund works to expand access to capital
for developers of affordable housing in Metro Atlanta. Learn More.

Capital for Community Development
ANDP Loan Fund

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MISSION: The ANDP Loan Fund develops, finances, and advocates for affordable housing at scale that promotes racial equity and healthy communities where families thrive.

Established in 1991 and officially certified in 1998 as a U.S. Treasury certified Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI), the ANDP Loan Fund provides financing to nonprofit and for-profit housing developers that create affordable housing, mixed-income, and mixed-use properties. Since its founding, the ANDP Loan Fund has provided more than $52 million in loans toward projects valued at over $600 million ultimately supporting the creation of more than 6,000units of housing.

Although the ANDP Loan Fund serves the entire state of Georgia, we prioritize high-risk areas in south metro Atlanta where residents and communities are struggling with a lack of quality affordable housing, access to capital, disinvestment, and/or gentrification pressures.

CDFIs are mission-driven, financial institutions that are dedicated to providing financial services to meet the community development needs of underserved communities. While CDFIs share a common mission, they have a variety of structures and development lending goals. There are six basic types of CDFIs: community development banks, community development loan funds, community development credit unions, microenterprise funds, community development corporation-based lenders and investors, and community development venture funds. The ANDP Loan Fund operates as a community development loan fund that specializes in deploying capital for affordable housing, mixed-income, and mixed-use projects throughout metropolitan Atlanta.

The ANDP Loan Fund’s legal name is the “Community Redevelopment Loan & Investment Fund, Inc.” (CRLIF).

Ready for Capital?  ​

Tell Us About Your Project!

Our target borrowers are local affordable housing developers (non-profits and mission-driven for-profits) who have proven track records in low-income neighborhoods. Our current priority is funding foreclosure redevelopment of single-family homes. Working on a project that needs development capital?


Our Investors

With more than $74 million in total investments and more than 7,395 units of housing financed, the ANDP Loan Fund is appreciative of the support and investment from the following:

Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation

The Northern Trust Company


RBC Bank Georgia

The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Bank of America


NeighborWorks America

Opportunity Finance Network

Renasant Bank

Healthcare Georgia Foundation

Woodforest Bank

First Citizens Bank

Pinnacle Financial Partners

Contact Us ​

For more information about how the loan fund could support your project, please contact: 


For more information about how your organization can invest in our loan fund, please contact:

Sara Haas
Vice President - Lending, Capital & Compliance
(404) 420-1604

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